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8:44am 06-14-2012
Mr Happy
For everbody who knows as little as i do about this failing club the match bookings are all right execpt Lindholme is on sat 7th of July. Nice to see everybody still waits to get weighed in gets in their car and F@@ks off as usual.
6:42pm 09-07-2011
cracking weekend again mate,lots of laughs. great set of lads,covered in bruises tho? none fishermen can't they drink awesome!
8:52pm 08-04-2011
going tomorrow!
5:35pm 08-04-2011
Come on then who has been cheating this week at Aston
12:39pm 07-08-2011
Thanks Neil mate!
By the way lads im trying to organize a practice match at Woodlands next tuesday, anyone interested? Got 20 names so far. some cant make it because they're going weds, thurs & friday instead.
7:57pm 07-07-2011
here here last but not least thank you Joff for all your hard work and brightening up the draw and especially the weigh in with banter and one liners.
1:11pm 07-07-2011
Fourthly but not leastly i'd like to thank myself for being the last man to his peg,doing the M.O.M report, working out and mailing the results and team results, doing the draw, doing pegging & sweepstake, doing the wieghing in, doing the payout and being the last bloke to leave the venue on every stinking match this club fishes.
4:35pm 06-23-2011
I forgot to mention that the address bar where you put "Portland Fishing Lakes, Newark" is in Google maps.
Stupid prat.
4:30pm 06-23-2011
To get precise directions to Portland Waters insert "Portland Fishing Lakes, Newark" into the address bar.
If you put Portland Waters or the post code, NG23 5PN, this will take you to Sibthorpe village which is about a mile away from the fishery.
The post code is not specific to the fishery but is for the area in general.
Hope this helps.
3:12pm 06-19-2011
Mr Pike
I am sorry to hear of your loss tadpole jnr , me and Mrs Pike were involved in the same incident and she now resembles a Dover soul after 18st of fun landed on her !

3:05pm 06-19-2011
Tadpole Jnr
I've lost my mum a big bloke fell in the pond yesterday and I havn't seen her since
3:01pm 06-19-2011
Diving championships at Messingham Sands 18th June 2011 ,

Derek Broadhurst winning man from Atlantis dive from the bankside earnt him a full 10 points , however due to a lack of a triple twist 3 points were deducted and a further 3 for the tsunami that sent the fishermen on the otherside running for their lives , however it was not all bad news as the fantastic Hippo splash earnt him an amazing 5 points with a further 1 point for the succesful resurface with specs perched firmly on the end of his nose , this gave Derek a final score of 10 points . Well Done ! Derek will be at the next fishing match with a fresh set of clothes , towel and a brand new set of water wings . . . Should he choose to wear them . Who said fishing was a boring and uneventful sport ?

Love you Dad
1:07pm 06-19-2011
Where are the pictures of Moby Dek? "
3:59pm 05-08-2011
rhys the taff
can u put postcodes on fishin venues plrhysease as i don`t want 2 get lost this year by somebody givin me their ome address instead of venue, thanks bud, c u saturday , i ope.
7:30pm 02-14-2011
so bob whats Topiary.
the totally 100% correct wickipedia came up with
Topiary is the horticultural practice of training of live perennial plants, by clipping the foliage and twigs of trees, shrubs and subshrubs to develop and maintain clearly defined shapes
i dont see the link?????????????????????
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